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So why am I here?

And, for God’s sake, where is here?

As mentioned before, I have a lifetime of training my own dogs. Lots of that was trial and error, but much of it was plain common sense. Well, at least to me. There is not a lot of good advice when it comes to free dog training tips–and I got started way before the World Wide Web! And, now that we have the Web, most links you find that claim “free dog training tips” blabber a bit then you have to sign up for some class somewhere and can rarely check out the people claiming to be “professional dog trainers” before you fork over a load of cash.

That is what’s different about Pup Stop. I hold no claim to being a pro, an expert, or any such thing. I am here to simply share with you my experiences in many facets of cohabiting with, training, and even searching for that “right” pup. There will even be posts on some of the best and safe products I have found to remove stains your new pup made, as well as kitchen cupboard formulas for getting the stink out of a skunked dog, and more. Pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to picking out a pup/dog, living with and training your companion to all levels–from potty training and obedience, bad behavior issues onward. The sky is the limit!

We also welcome comments, questions, suggestions from others. Since I know I am not the only one that stumbled through to learn this stuff, I believe there are many out there that have some valuable info and experience to share. (Just please keep it short, on point and polite.) Let’s do this!

Where is Here?

Mia Hanani close

At this very moment our team is mainly Hanani and myself (Lynnette). Mia helps a lot and she will be involved in this online free dog training tips. My husband and son are part of our pack also, but not too involved in the actual training. Initially, I prayerfully sought for and purchased Hanani specifically for the purposes of training her in HRD (Human Remains Detection, aka, cadaver search work). Considering there are scant resources for someone entirely new to that specific arena, she has come a long way. At this point Hanani is 15 months young and our 1 year anniversary together is around the end of April (2018). So here I have been for almost two years seeking info and resources that will assist me in training myself (crucial first step) and my dog for this very important work. Along side this research, I have been teaching her what little I do know, and as I learn, for she is growing faster than I can find adequate, affordable assistance.

Now, quite obviously, most folks typing “free dog training tips” into a search engine online are not looking to train a dog to find deceased individuals or body parts, fluids, and whatnot. Many, though, are looking to weed out bad behavior issues, housebreaking, bringing in a new dog to a home with a dog/dogs, and other more common areas of training or considering a dog. Stay tunned though! You’re still at the right place because we have had to acclimate Hanani as well. And boy! Did she have some issues!

The main purpose of Pup Stop is that we want to help. If you’re considering HRD, great! We will share tips and learning as our Team grows in that training. But the most important part of our sharing here is–from one common dog owner to another–to help you and your pack with anything to do with you and your pack. Not everyone will agree with the methods we have proven in our home and training. That is entirely fine. In fact, if you try something I suggest and it does not work–tell me! There are so many factors to consider and methods that can be refined to you and your pack’s specific needs and wants. Get a conversation rolling! I am not here to “hear myself talk” πŸ˜‰

And did I mention it’s all free? Sure, you will see links to products and services (See Full Disclosure tab at top in Menu), but all advice, tips, instruction, examples, and the like that you find in my blog and videos are absolutely at no charge. Our Team is “here” after a long time of searching and weeding out information from books, online, blogs, trainers, videos–you name it! We want to share what has worked and been proven in our home with our pack and in the training sessions. Any issue you share that we have yet to encounter (surprise, we do not know everything!), we will help you search and weed out for accurate information that is sensible and–again–it will cost you nothing but time. Well…okay. It will cost you lots of treats, toys, exercise and such. But isn’t that why you got a dog? πŸ™‚ This is Why we are Here.

So here is where we start, and we are starting midstream–with views past, present, and you shall roll forward with us into our future as we work to transform an absolutely nutty, high-drive, 60 plus pound, Dutch Shepherd pup into a class A certifiable cadaver search dog, all on our own (by God’s grace!).


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