What do you Want?

Previously, we talked about choosing the best dog breed for your family pet or other purposes. I used our search for Hanani as an example. One of the things most folks miss often is the need to understand a particular breed (or mix). Since Jamie was new to this approach of looking for a pup, I did all the research to really help him understand what we were getting into.

Make a List and Do some Research

Whenever you are looking at getting a pup–or dog–you are actually looking to make a lifelong commitment. With that in mind, like I explained in a previous post, think about what you want, why and make a list. Then do some research. Browse online, in books, ask folks that own a specific breed you may be considering. You can send me any questions you have as well!

I implore folks to really put thought into the type or breed of dog they are considering. Frankly, I am tired of fads that help shelters become overflowing, dogs “becoming vicious” and harming a child, or throwaways left out in the cold. A lot of that is due to pure and plain ignorance. And it is stupid to remain ignorant! Especially when, essentially, lives are at stake.

Anyway… 😉

This short video below from Leerburg smacks you right in the face of what it is to bring a high drive pup into your home. Without adequate preparation (and proper warning!), things can quickly turn disastrous! I personally love this video 🙂 and very much appreciate Ed Frawley and the folks over at Leerburg for the mountainous library of helpful knowledge.

Please note: When you click on the image below a link to Leerburg’s YouTube page will appear. You may view the video there. Enjoy!


Free Training Tip Key #1: Do your homework before bringing that adorable, little thing home!



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