Double Skunked!

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you can find household remedies to remove the smell and ease the sting when your pup gets skunked. How about double skunked? Below you will see the best, safest mixture that we used–and I mean really put to the test–successfully, and in duplicate!

One late night

So I am quite the “night owl” usually. And, yes, usually my dogs are up with me. We reside in a home with a half acre lot in the suburb, Stow, OH. I grew up here, traveled (moved!) much, but always returned. Now I am here to stay. And who wouldn’t? Great town, great parks. Great neighborhood, great people! There is such a wonderful mix of nice houses, treed trails and a close shopping strip or two. Our home is nestled rather close to the downtown area, but surrounded by partially wooded, large lots and just beside a bike and hike trail that passes through a heavily wooded area. We have the perfect home for suburban dog owners! Half of the half acre lot is fenced with 6′ chain link, and one of the bedrooms makes a fine pup room.

Yes. It has been mighty nice living here….

But with such amenities as trails and trees, come critters. Cute, fluffy, they are! But, oh my…. Beware.

One fine summer night… Okay. It was actually the wee hours. Probably around 1:00am, my pups and I head outside. It is so nice to just open our door, tell them, “Okay!” And enjoy a romp in the yard, or relax on the porch. But this night, oh my. Mia and Hanani shot straight away to a corner of the fenced lot, in an area that is not caught by the rays of the porch light very well. Suddenly, I heard growls, squeaks and Mia yelped loud! By the time Jamie came out with the flashlights I already knew what happened.

I could smell the trouble.

Poor Mia! She was sprayed directly in the face. Her little eyes swelled up almost immediately. Hanani escaped a bit sooner, but did get sprayed as well. And, OMG! The stench! That little rascal (skunk) got away, but his defensive scent lingered for days in our yard.

Get the Skunk Out

Another reason I am thankful for the large, heavy-duty plastic dog crates. Jamie carried the crates outside (with no bedding) to contain our poor, stinky pooches. No way I was going to bring that inside my home. While we hosed one off, the other remained in her crate. I kept hosing and switching while Jamie ran to Walmart (the only store open that time of night). Checking them out thoroughly, I thankfully found no open injuries. It was imperative, though, that I kept flushing Mia’s face and eyes with the cool water to soothe the sting of the stink.

When Jamie returned from the store, we mixed a full 16 oz. bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide with 1/3 cup of Dawn Dishsoap (unscented) and 1/2 cup of Baking Soda. It took about three times dousing them in this mixture to ease the skunk smell. Each time you soak your dog in this mixture, let it set for about 5 minutes. We kept ours tied to the fence on a short (washable!) leash and doused them with praise and reassurance while they waited. Rinse thoroughly each time. Depending on the length of your dog’s coat and how badly he was sprayed, it may take you a couple more times. Either way, this is the best remedy for relieving a skunked pup.         

After you notice the smell dissipate, towel him dry as completely as possible. This gets anything that may remain stuck to the skin or hairs. Wait a little while (about a half hour) before you take him back inside, just to be sure your work is done. When you and your pooch are back inside, cuddles, treats and calm play is crucial to reassure him and help him overcome such a stressing situation.

The next day I removed the berry-producing plant that attracted the little stinker in the dogs’ yard to begin with!

Key Training Tips

Key #1: Be prepared! Unlike us, get your cupboards well-stocked with peroxide, baking soda and Dawn dish soap. That way you won’t be running out in the wee hours! (I use Dawn all the time for bathing my pups, too. Can’t beat it as a bug deterrent!)

Key #2: Check your pup nose to tail! An encounter with any wild animal can prove fatal if there is an open wound you miss treating.
Key #3: Be alert no matter where you live! Wild animals are moving closer in to suburbs and even city areas. Stay on top of things, you pup depends on you!




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