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So I was talking on the phone with one of the regional managers of KONG and, through the course of conversation, he recommended a book, What the Dog Knows, by Cat Warren. Now, understand I had originally contacted this guy (well, actually his company, but he responded) about the safety of dog toys. But, of course (you know dog people!) we get to chatting about everything under the sun. All dog related stuff, of course 😉 This KONG manager suggested the book after I shared with him my plans of training Hanani in cadaver work. I have to say, reading Cat Warren’s detailed adventure training her dog for cadaver search was such a joy, the book is not just for working dog people!

Joyful Misery Loves Company

They say “Misery loves company.” I say there can be so much joy in raising and training our pups, even in the midst of some misery! A long, long time ago I worked with Shepherds. Not Dutch Shepherds, and I never owned one. So getting Hanani was a bit of a shock to my puppy-loving senses. I knew what I was getting into but Mia has me so spoiled, knowing and experiencing became two starkly different realities. When I picked up Cat’s book (okay…I ordered it online), I was immediately thrilled and enthralled by the details she shared. What the Dog Knows quickly became a close friend that I could connect with, relate to and learn from all in one sitting.

Cat Warren’s laid back, but quite articulate manner of writing opens the doors of her home, inviting you in as an old friend. She then takes you on her journey from getting a new German Shepherd pup to quickly discovering how unique this pup truly is. After some frustrating attempts and clamoring for advice from veterans of the field, she finally decides this pup would do best in cadaver search work. And there her journey begins.

Between the facts that she and I are close in age (at the time she got the new pup), dealing with a crazy Shepherd, and newly embark on a similar journey into cadaver training, I really connected with this book. Warren’s humble nature expressed through her writing helped me see that it’s alright to feel awkward in new areas of dog training. Just keep pressing through!

A Definite Must Read

If you have a pup that seems a bit more stubborn than most and, though you have experience in training dogs, is a tough nut to crack, you need to read this book! Oftentimes when I find someone else with more experience, dealing with many of the same obstacles as myself, it motivates me more. I (quite obviously) highly recommend What the Dog Knows for anyone that enjoys reading about great folks with their awesome dogs!

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