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When I first got Mia she seemed a bit younger than the 14 weeks I was told. She was full of fleas and worms and, of course, I took her immediately to get checked by a vet. It had been a while since I had a dog, and that was in another state, so I was forced to look for a new vet. The lady that came into the examination room of the clinic looked like she just walked out of high school! Though I shared some concerns I had, this vet was more interested in getting Mia scheduled for spaying. She further argued with me, pressing “the dangers of giving garlic to dogs.”

That’s fine for me if someone has an opposing opinion, but this lady talked down to me as if I did not know the dog’s tail from its nose. Does that tick you off?

Choose Wisely

The next day I went and found a vet that was more accommodating and polite. Although he had opinions, he was more concerned about doing his job (checking my pup thoroughly) than asserting any opinion on natural remedies. In fact, he did not even ask. Come to find out, thanx to this vet intently examining Mia, my pup was around half the age I was told. Had I taken her back to the first vet, she would have administered the shots for her stated age…which would have killed her, or worse. Choose your vet wisely. You dog’s life depends on it.

This new vet did ask me if I would like them to administer a flea and tick solution or bathe Mia to rid her of the bugs. I told him no thank you and explained that I was bathing her with a eucalyptus shampoo and that I used garlic bagels. Of course, since she was so small, I broke them up into tiny bits and gave her only small amount every other day. This guy just smiled with a nod. And he made no mention of spaying her so young.

Controversies over natural remedies extend the nation, come in all forms and cover all pets, children and adult humans. Personally, I have had more than my fill. So those pros and cons arguments will not be covered here. What I will say is that when you are looking for a vet–or are learning to switch over to natural remedies for your pooch–make sure you address such things with him or her. I suggest, like I do, casual conversation. In that, you can gauge his reaction and make your decision.

At Pup Stop we will only address what I have used and share what works. Leave the controversies to those that need to argue 😉 But certainly feel free to post a comment below and share what you found works!

Ever since my oldest daughter was an infant I have used natural remedies for my kids and pets. (My oldest child is 27 now.) I am not the hardcore, grow and diffuse everything myself type. Homeopathy, herbs, and other products from trusted companies are a definite benefit. Who has time to make everything themselves? I applaud those that try!

Good Stuff

Much can be accomplished with food and treats, too. Especially preventative care. When it comes to bugs–internal and external–I can be a bit queezy. Ticks, in particular, can send me running! Think about that…. Ticks are arachnids (in the spider family). So, we have technically a spider that can drop from anywhere, bury its head in your (or your pup’s) skin and begin to kill you before you even know it’s there. Oh my!

Anyway… Only one time in all these puppy and dog years have I encountered a problem with ticks. Well, just one. Thank God! Shortly after Hanani’s arrival she was enjoying the fenced yard. I felt a round lump under her neck and, sure enough, it was a tick! Since we had her for such a short time the supplements she just started on obviously were ineffective. I did successfully (and squeamishly) remove it. We have had no issues since.

The worm issue Mia had when I first got her was successfully cleared away within days also. Other than that, never an issue with intestinal parasites.

Here is the good stuff. Pumpkin meal in a pup’s regular diet is good for them in many ways. One of which is that it creates an environment in the intestines that is impossible for parasites to thrive. I feed my dogs Solid Gold, grain free, and always make sure it is a formula with pumpkin.

Solid Gold also makes a Garlic Bagel that is a fabulous treat! They are hard, crunchy, so it takes a bit to break them up for smaller dogs or pups. I really do not concern myself much with measuring, weights, etc. I just feed a bit at a time, add a little more and watch. If my pup gets a little runny the next day or two, I cut down the amount and/or the frequency. Frankly, it most of this is plain common sense. And my dogs love them!

Compare Products

Although I prefer… Okay, my dogs prefer the Garlic Bagels, others may not be fond of them. Still, others may be too sensitive to the grain of the bagel. There are tonics and tinctures available for the finicky of pallet. Either way, these are vastly better than administering pesticides to your precious pooch! Just pay attention. Be sensible. And develop a respectful relationship with a vet that is not a pesticide pusher.

From what I have found, these are the best options for flea and tick prevention:

Tick Protection
from: The Pet Health and Nutrition Center

Internal Flea and Tick Powder
from: The Pet Health and Nutrition Center

And to soak a flea-infested pup these are good choices:

Free Tips

Key #1: Always research what you give your pup–including your vet! And check who provided the research results. (Many chemical companies and “big pharma” will fund “research” to promote their products by providing false information about natural remedies. Do your homework!)

Key #2: Develop a respectful relationship with a vet that respects your decisions.

Key #3: When using natural remedies, start small, pay attention and be sensible.

Key #4: Enjoy being bug (and pesticide) free with your pooch! Do the puppy happy dance!

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