Aggression Can Be FUN! Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

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Since we were getting a little heavy in Step II of Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior, I find it a good time to share some fun. If you have gotten this far and are implementing the Steps, I want to take a moment to thank you! For me, this blog is more of a ministry. After so many years of helping to clean up others’ messes they made of once sweet dogs, and having to sit idly by while watching “experts” bleed good dog owners of their money for the snake oil they sell, I decided enough is enough! So I started this blog in hopes to turn the tide. At the same time, without you checking in here, trying out the tips and tactics, as well as sharing with me, this entire endeavor is pointless. Without you, I am simply wasting my time here! So if you have gotten this far here is a treat from me to you 🙂 Mia is here to help me show you that aggression can be FUN!

It’s Natural

Dogs are wired to have aggression. There is no ridding them of it entirely. The key is to mold those natural, instinctive behaviors by helping them learn and make better choices–without breaking them. The growling, snarling, barking lunging, nipping…are all natural ways dogs communicate. Sure, it can sound pretty scary when your pup snarls and snorts, but she is talking the only way she knows how. When my dogs “talk” inappropriately I correct them and give them an alternative. An acceptable manner of using her only vocabulary.

That’s what you will see here in this short video. From the day I brought Mia home, at less than 2 months old, I taught her what is acceptable to bite and what is not acceptable. Since almost all pups like to rough-house, I helped her exercise her aggression in play time and used this time to teach her. This turned into a game for us!

We hope you enjoy this! Let us know below in the comment section 🙂

NOTE: Please recognize that although it looks like I am hitting and kicking Mia, I am not. My hands and feet make enough contact only to encourage her to come at me and get her riled up. Also note that even though she sounds like a terribly ticked mutt, she makes no contact with her teeth on my person at all. But look how much fun she is having!

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