Simple Truth: Everyone Shops

There are many reasons

people do things, even bloggers like myself. If you have read the About Us page, all the reasons I list there about why we are here are true. Certainly, I know I am not the only one with great desire to advance the training of my dogs in specific areas. And absolutely, I am tired of all the “experts” and their often pricey advice that ends up being of no value. Yes, all of that is true. Bottom line is we just want to help folks do better with their dogs and enjoy them, while hopefully preventing more added to the shelters. True also, that I thought it helpful to share my own struggles to train Mia and Hanani on my own. What fun! Right? How great is it to learn from someone who is more like yourself? But there is more. The simple truth is that I created this website for two primary purposes: To help other dog owners and to make money.

Making Money

Everyone shops. That is a fact! If you find yourself here, enjoying any of the posts, I appreciate if you do at least some of your shopping through the links and ads included in the articles. But you needn’t purchase just the products I link in the articles. Once you click on an link in one of my posts, anything you purchase on there that day will be credited to the Pup Stop account!

You will never encounter those annoying drop-downs, pop-ups or instant audio ads distracting you on my blog. I do not like those at all! I am of the mind that if I have to keep clicking out of things I did not ask for, and what I went to a site to read or view is blocked–even briefly–by ads, ads, ads, then I will not read or view that article. If I have to fight to obtain your content then I do not want your content! Plain and simple 😉 Thus, I try to balance here with the same respect for others.

So, yes. In full disclosure, the simple truth is that one of the purposes of this blog site is to make money online. If you oblige, you, in turn, can be a benefit to people and dogs well beyond your reach.

Help Others Help Others

I believe most folks like to help others. Especially dog people! Cat people, maybe not so much 😉 (jkg) Let me ask this… If you are walking into a building–store, post office, whatever–and an elderly person is a bit ahead of you, do you run up to hold the door for her? Or do you just fall in line, letting her hold the door for you? I would like to believe most of us would hold the door for her. What if there are two doors, from the outside and to the inside with a little breezeway in between? What if someone exiting sees your kindness and holds the door not only for her to enter, but holds the door for you as well? That person must open the door either way to exit, so it is not putting him out at all to help. Kindness can be contagious.

dogs hug

Same concept here. Or, actually, almost everywhere online. The internet is often referred to as “the information highway.” Sure, other than a monthly fee we all pay for access, all that information is free.

That means there are billions of people out there offering help–via info on specific topics, niches and whatnot. In a sense, holding that door open. Granted, not all the information out there is good or even accurate. Hence, this niche I created to help others weed through such information with some common sense. Most of raising and training dogs is common sense! It can just be difficult to weed through the mass of info.

So, I am here to help.

Since everyone shops–much like that guy exiting the store still has to open the door–why not shop in a way that helps? Let me help you understand what and who you will be helping when you do shop through our links here at Pup Stop. As noted on the About Us page, I am actually a Private Investigator. Though most of my paid business is in Service of Process and other litigation support, I do lots of PI work for which nobody hires me. That work, more of what I consider ministry, is focused in the area of Cold Cases of Missing Children. Yes, this is why I bought a pup to train for cadaver and search work.

There are several cases that I have worked on for some time now that, I believe the evidence shows, are linked to a particular group of people. Once I can support this with hard evidence law enforcement can finally take over. Families will finally know where their children ended up. Culprits will finally be stopped and brought to justice.

What does that have to do with your shopping online? That one is easy! Every purchase you make once you click links in any of my articles will benefit the work in these Cold Cases of Missing Children. Every penny is used to support and train Hanani and Mia, so that the tail of these cases can finally be wrapped up. No pun intended 😉 And then on to the next case.

Simple Truth

The simple truth is, yes. I created this blog to help dog people like myself and to make money online that funds the project to locate children missing. Sadly, most of these children are presumed deceased, which is why Hanani is training for cadaver work (HRD).

At times I receive questions about how law enforcement are the “only ones to handle such cases”, and they call in cadaver dogs, etc. That is not altogether true and I understand and fully respect the hesitance to help and myriad of questions. I do. However, what most do not take into account is the fact that law enforcement must have probable cause, or in some instances reasonable belief is sufficient, to search an area. At the same time, there are stringent guidelines they must follow, which makes it almost impossible for them to consider some otherwise viable leads. In addition to that, police across the nation are strapped in funding and overwhelmed with new cases each day. All a private person needs is permission to search from the landowner.

The simple truth is that Cold Cases of Missing Children do not garner much attention from even the most well-meaning agencies.

wallet pi     Everyone Shops, So shop with purpose!

You shopping for at least some of your needs through links and ads on my blog helps my work fill in these gaps. The fabulous thing is that it costs you not a thing more than time and money you will already spend in your online shopping!

As always, any questions or comments you have are welcomed below 🙂  and thanx for hanging around!


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