FitBark Monitor Dog Health 24/7

Welcome to the world of daily technological advances! Do you have an aged dog whose diabetes needs constant watch? Or an anxious pup that needs regular exercise to certain levels? Or are you simply a health-nut that wears a FitBit and would like one for your dog? You can use the FitBark to monitor your dog’s health and activity. This nifty gadget is easy to use, connects with any of your devices and is praised by veterinarians nationwide!

“FitBark is not only an exceptionally powerful tool for researchers and veterinarians. It’s also designed and priced so all dog owners have access to clear answers about the health of their pets.”

Wayne Carter, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Have a Look…

Everyone Wants Healthy Pooches

Among the many issues pup parents have is concern for their dog’s weight and try to adjust their activity levels to help them lose some extra pounds. The FitBark provides specific information to give you a variety of choices, dependent upon the lifestyle you and your dog share. For instance, you’re more of a homebody and tend to watch a little too much tv, but know you and your dog need a bit more exercise. You can set the FitBark at a middle percentile so the daily goals will be set to motivate him (and you!) achieve optimal health–including losing weight!

fitbark_mobile_app_daily_viewThis tiny piece of technological wonder can also help in alerting you of skin conditions or an impending illness. The FitBark categorizes three basic modes: Rest, Active, Play. You can see your pup is usually active during certain times, then suddenly becomes less active, as shown on the data sent to your phone. This, along with less of an appetite or other symptoms, may be cause for concern. You will be on alert to watch him more closely and will have real-time data in your hand to share with your vet.

The great folks at FitBark are constantly involved to help improve the lives of dogs through research and creating affordable products. Their website states:

“Our activity monitors and connected platform has been helping a variety of research institutions and vet schools in North America, Europe and Asia validate new drugs, products and treatments.

Common clinical study applications include osteoarthritis, nutrition, weight management, pain management, ACL and other orthopedic surgeries, rehabilitation, sleep disorders, skin disorders, circadian rhythms etc.” [FitBark Team]

What You Get

Although the previous versions were available from stores such as Best Buy and Target, the improved FitBark 2 is exclusively sold through their website. At the low price of $69.95, it makes it all the easier for you and your pooch to stay (or get!) healthy!

When you order, your box will include:

  • FitBark 2
  • Black Cover
  • 8 Zip Ties
  • Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

It is everything you need, along with additional assistance from the great online Team at FitBark, to get set up and feel like a pro 😉


After reviewing as much information as possible, I find the Fitbark 2 to be one of the highest rated, yet affordable means to stay connected with your dog all day, wherever you go. How can you beat this? Whether you have an elderly dog with health issues, or an anxious pup that needs more streamlined activities, or you count your own steps with a FitBit, the FitBark 2 is definitely the smart way to go!


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