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Raw Video: Reform School Progress

When it comes to working with dogs, there are many things that take time. Often, lots of time. Additionally, since I started training dogs at 13 things have changed! I have had to relearn a few things along this journey to get Hanani where she needs to be. The great folks at Offleash K9 Training have been a HUGE help. Below you will find some raw videos of our last training session with Branden. You can see for yourself more of Hanani’s reform school progress 😉

Old Training Days

Lady 1991
Lady 1991. This ole girl is who instigated my passion for working with dogs <3

Way back when I was very young (13) and took my first training class to train my Norwegian Elkhound, Lady, methods were different. Tools were different. For instance, I was taught that dogs respond to our tone of voice, which is true. But I was taught to change my tone to a more forced, coarse or sharp tone, for a correction. Softer or pitched, “happy” tone for praise. Stern, but middle tone for commands.

Since then, I’ve learned that it is best to use a pleasant, even tone in all things. Old, ingrained habits die hard, though! Branden recently explained to me that, like a child, once we get an adverse tone with our dogs they tend to block us out and merely react to the tension–which is not usually the reaction we want. If we want them to really hear us, consistently, then we must talk so they will hear us. This does make more sense and, as much as I “know”, this ole dog is learning alongside my new girl.

Much the same when it comes to the ecollar. Back in my day, I was taught to train on “choke chain” collars (slip collars made of chain links). When used correctly, as I was taught, it was the sound the dog responds to. Throughout the many years and many dogs, I had great success using this training collar, as well as prong collars. Back in my day, the electronic collars were relatively new. I did not like them at all partly because those old collars did actually shock the dog. Even with the newer technology, through these years I have witnessed the devastating effects by the misuse of ecollars. The horrible things egocentric people do to animals…. Gosh. But that’s for another post. Thankfully, the training has caught up with the technology.

My point is, over time methods and tools change. Had I not been open to these changes I would be stuck in a time-rut with, basically, a viscous dog. Understanding this through thorough research, endless questions, helped me find an intuitive, compassionate trainer using methods and tools that have already made a huge difference in my over-sized scaredy pup.

We can never stop learning. I am proof of that.


Recently, especially on Facebook, I am seeing lots of articles and ads from a couple “training” centers bashing the use of ecollars. First off, I want to express sheer disgust that those centers are using trash talk against other methods/tools (and those that use them) to promote their own business. *Not professional, folks.*

For those unsure about the ecollar you can find great, in-depth information at and Upstate K9 Academy on Youtube. Me personally? I have tested the collar on my own skin and can assure all that it works like a STIM (or TENS) unit, such as chiropractors use. In fact, here is a funny video of Ed Frawley testing the ecollar on himself and staff. So, don’t take my word for it!

The ecollar functions much like the STIM units that chiropractors use.

Can it hurt? Yup. For those idiots who think they know it all and just buy the collar, strap it on and crank it way up, with no training in its function and use. For intelligent folks that make well-informed decisions, I definitely highly recommend lots of research and a training company like Offleash K9The ecollar is merely a different tool to enhance communication between dog and handler. I do not believe any one tool and method is “best” for all dogs across the board. I do, however, know for certain that this tool/method combination is working for Hanani.

Why did I go with Offleash K9 and an ecollar? For one, I deeply, desperately love my dog. In addition to that and much research, I often see Branden or his lovely wife walking their dogs through the neighborhood. I could see clearly what great relationships they have with the dogs. Obviously, their Pack Structure is solid.

How’s that saying? “The proof is in the pudding.” 😉 …or puppies, as it were!

Now the FUN stuff!

These videos are from our last session (Aug. 9th, 2019) with Branden. He brought along two other trainers to assist not only in working Hanani, but to help he and I dig deep into her triggers. You can see in the first video how Hanani reacts to Branden while I have a hold of her. The second video later shows him handing her off to one of the other trainers, who Hanani just met this day. And keep in mind this is only Hanani’s 4th session with Branden.

In these videos we are using the ecollar alongside a dominant dog collar (DDC). Since we do not want to overstimulate a reactive, high-drive, protective dog, when Hanani tries to attack Branden, I use the DDC to correct her, not the ecollar. As you will see, she does need more work, but is making progress!


And then…


Again, this is raw video and was unplanned. Mia is still trying to figure out how to work the camera. So, bear with us! But I truly hope this brings hope to others dealing with issues similar to Hanani. These videos will show you clearly that not only are there times even the best of us need assistance, but when chosen wisely, how quickly that help makes a difference.

Please feel free to share these and please share your thoughts, questions, comments below. And if you are the same boat here, I encourage you to hit up Offleash K9 Training 🙂 You will be greatly pleased at the time invested.

Thanx for hanging with us today!