Have a Guess?

We have a fabulous announcement

We’re pregnant!! I know it’s been a while since we’ve last posted here, but all the work and anticipation has kept us a little distracted. Especially after what happened last time, we wanted to wait until we were absolutely certain about a healthy, successful pregnancy. So, we have been monitoring very closely, praying all the way. Now, I can finally announce that mom and pups are doing well! And we (God-willing) will soon be posting photos of those adorable, little squiggly fur balls!! Until then, I have a couple fun games for you all–as a thank you for your patience and loyalty to A Pup Stop 🙂 The first game is to guess how many pups Hanani looks like she may have! Check out the details below.

What Happened Last Time

If you recall, when we bred Hanani last spring everything was fine and normal until around day 38-40 of the pregnancy. We heard hearts beating. We felt the little “grapes” or “walnuts” inside. Excitement grew! But then a couple days later, nothing. She still went through the remaining stages of pregnancy, but we could no longer hear that soft “tick-tock” of little fetal hearts. We could no longer feel anything growing inside. Hanani even began to nest, her teats filled and her temperature dropped…and then went up…and then dropped. Then went up again. For almost two weeks we struggled to understand what was going on. All the signs were there, but no puppies. It was plainly not a phantom pregnancy. We had heart beats. Then we found out about fetal absorption. You can read my August 5th article on that if you want to learn more there, but it is actually more common than I previously knew.

After healing from all that (more emotionally than anything), we decided to go ahead and try again for a successful litter. This was solely dependent on Hanani’s health, of course. So, while everyone else was couped up and wondering when this lockdown end, we were taking strides to assure our precious girl’s health and well-being. I did find that not only is absorption quite common, but it does not affect the mother’s health. Since the fetuses are so small and the skeletons have not calcified, there is truly no cause for concern. The way God designed dogs, the entire fetus is fully absorbed. As long as mom is healthy, it just ends up being as if there was nothing there to begin with. Still, Hanani got some extra-special care over the summer.

Here We Are Again

Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) ought to be around 220 bpm (beats per minute) or more to know you have a thriving fetus.

So, here we are again. We inseminated twice around mid-August. Every step of the way God has provided great peace in me and in our home. Truthfully, had I no faith in our Lord, I would have been a mess this time around! We are now past the time when fetal absorption can happen and we still hear hearts beating! Although, those baby doppler things do really take some practice to work well. Jamie and I had been using his stethoscope, but I still bought a baby doppler. My intent was to record the heart beats because it’s something exciting to share. However, those little pups are not too cooperative! As soon as I hear the “tick-tock” and get a read, or even just the fluid moving through the umbilical cord, the little buggers move. Either way, I still have an idea as to how many pups there may be 😉 But I’m not telling…yet!

All in all, everything is progressing along just as it ought. Praise God! Momma is trying to dig up the yard every time she goes out, or our living room rug when we’re in. She suddenly believes she is a lap dog…all 100 + lbs of her preggo self! Her appetite increased, but she cannot always finish her food. In fact, sometimes it comes back up. She is increasingly more tired–as if she is resting up for the big day. Anyone that has or knows Dutchies, knows how incredibly active they are! She has a slight, almost clear discharge occasionally and her temp dropped under 101.2 f days ago. On top of all that, quite often it is clear she is not feeling her spunky self at all. So, it is obvious we are very, very close to puppy birth day. She could remain like this all week and even into next week, or she could pop pups tonight. Either way, we are cleared for take-off.

Guessing Gamble

Last time around there were lots of comments on Facebook when I posted photos of our pregnant Hanani, doubting that she was even pregnant at all. Although I responded with some research and testimony on dogs that do not show much or at all, there were still some incredibly negative folks posting their “know-it-all” bunk. Since here at A Pup Stop we are unabashedly novice and will never claim to know it all, I decided it best to have some fun with this point.

Here are a couple photos I took just a over the past few days. In the first one she was between 53-59 days pregnant. (There is such a gap due to the impossibility of knowing exactly when she actually ovulated.) The second one was taken just last night. I finally got a shot of a puppy bump 😉 Now, at this point especially, most folks would say, “She doesn’t look pregnant!” and scoff at me. So, I thought it would be fun to present a Guessing Game to you all.

Guess how many pups Hanani will have!

(Hold cursor down on arrows and move either way to view each photo.)

Hanani x Loki, taken 10.10.2020 and 10.12.2020. 53-59/56-62 days pregnant. Believe it or not! :p

Now I am not a gambler, but I think this will be fun for us all and may bring some fine folks a little bit of cash. Here are the rules for playing:

  • Give your best guess and post in comments section below.
  • Click on the “Pay with PayPal” button below and make a donation and include in the notes with payment your full name, email address (email address you use for PayPal) and the number of pups you guessed.
  • To keep it both fun and feasible, minimum donation to play this game is $10. This will be sort of like a 50/50 concept. 50% of all funds donated will be awarded to the winner. Even if it’s just five bucks, this will be fun!
  • Winner will be decided by a drawing (video) the day after the pups are born (I’ll obviously be quite busy the day of). Since several or more of you might guess the same numbers, all winning guesses will be placed in a dog bowl and one will be randomly drawn. Winner will be announced the same day and paid via PayPal. Announcement will include full disclosure of funds donated, winner name and puppy photos! (First name and first initial of last name only, for privacy purposes.)

See how easy! The announcement post, like all my stuff, will be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Tublr automatically.

Guessing Game Donation

Guess how many pups Hanani will have. Be quick to respond because it could be any day now!

10.00 $

So c’mon help us out and take your best Guess!!

…And stay tuned!!! 🙂

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