This is going to be just exactly what it says>> A List! If you’ve been snooping on here long enough, you know that I tend to get a bit windy. So, for time’s sake, I will just list stuff here. In the “Reviews” and other sections, you will see highlighted products from companies I trust (and have researched!) added regularly. Until then, here is the start of a–hopefully–ever-growing list.

Firstly, here’s a link to an amazing tool for quick research on dog foods/treats companies: The Petsumer Report. The wonderful lady that created and maintains that tool also has a fabulously informative blog on anything to do with that industry, here: The Truth About Pet Food.

And for all recalls delivered right to your inbox, as well as more research on dog foods, sign up at: Dog Food Advisor.

I will provide a list of US dog food companies at a later date. *Please bear with us and keep checking back, as this is an on-going endeavor. For now, as far as other products…

Each of these companies I have personally contacted and find that they source and make “most” of their products from and in the US. Very few source exclusively from the US. We need to change that by pressuring our legislators to make changes and encouraging the better companies to bring all their business back home.

The links on the left take you directly to the company website. The links on the right are to my team’s reviews of some of their products. *NOTE: This is a work in progress, so check back weekly to see all the good stuff our team will be adding!

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