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Say What?

“Patriot Pup”?? Say what?

What’s going on here?

Well, it’s fairly simple. We have been working our tails off to dig out favorable businesses to highlight. We understand–“been there, done that”–how crazy it can get trying to find durable beds, non-toxic bowls and toys, not to mention food that won’t poison your pooch. So, we put our noses in the dirt and have zig-zagged across the web and locally to search out some of the best in the USA. Along this way, we decided to draw up some criteria and write a “Pledge” of sorts. Again, you ask, “Say what?”

Here at A Pup Stop we aim to seek out and support small US-owned businesses that produce durable, healthy, affordable products for our pups. We prefer that all companies source and create their all products right here at home in the good ole USA, but thanx to regulations, taxes and all sorts of garbage I have yet to clearly figure out, that is not always possible. For now, we understand that predicament. I spoke to a regional manager of KONG a few years ago, who agreed on this US-only principle. Yet even he stated that, especially when it comes to stitching work, “you cannot beat China.” They beat out all others in price and quality (stitch quality). Still, I argued back, it should not cost so dag-on much for US companies to compete. The US had always been known for our creative, talented, innovative folks who find a niche and become so dedicated we set the world aflame (figuratively). Again, the guy from KONG agreed.

Where did that passion go?

So, okay. We get it. For now we’ll be okay with a few things, here and there–particularly the stitching of minimal products–outsourcing to China, or others. After all the research I have done thus far, that is the only thing I will say we can compromise on. As far as painted and ceramic bowls, toys with any sort of plastics, and a litany of other products, there is ample evidence to refuse them. From toxic plastic squeakers to poisonous paints and such, there have been too many instances of recalls for a vast number of things made elsewhere.

That said, the major thing we ought to never compromise on is any dog foods and treats. All foods and treats we feed our pups ought to be sourced and made entirely from and in our great Country. That would include supplements of any variety and any veggies, meats, etc.

I’ll write more about all those things later. My point here is to encourage all–companies, dog owners, vets, breeders, et al–to commit to buy US only, as much as possible. As long as folks continue to ignore the issues involving dog foods, toys, etc, and just buy whatever, the longer it will take to make the changes necessary for US businesses to flourish. Too, the longer we will deal with dogs getting sick and even dying due to the toxic things given to them. Simple math: If the demand for the crappy and dangerous products is reduced, the influx of those products will follow.

Alongside that, we need to press our senators and representatives to loosen the reigns on US production. When I learn more about that, I’ll be sure to cue you in 😉 If there is anyone out there that happens to understand that stuff better, please holler! We must get together and get this sh*t under control! Seriously.

Why on earth does it cost more to make something here at home than it does to have foreigners make it and ship from very far away??

There are some things that will never make sense to me.

While you ask yourselves that question, ponder the fact that the policies that created this quagmire of cost effectively kill small businesses here at home. So, your local seamstress’, for example, that do impeccable work are put out of business (or prevented from getting off the ground) because China does “so much better” at little cost, comparatively. That’s just wrong, in my opinion. And, I hope, that opinion is shared by others.

Also, while you ponder the above, take into account the idea that, for many years, products made in and/or sourced from, particularly, China have been literally killing our dogs. Literally.

So, do we want to allow–or worse, enable–the killing of our pups and US small businesses to continue? …I didn’t think so.

Here is an outline of basic criteria I used in sniffing out companies and products. My hope is that we can commit to these criteria so we can begin to turn the tide, bringing back support for “made in the USA” businesses. In doing so, we can grow our economy while protecting our pups. Please feel free to send an email with suggestions, plug for your favorite US company!

Pups are waiting! Let’s get this ball rolling!

I willingly make the Patriot Pup Pledge to buy products only from companies that:

And, I will make a concerted effort to contact companies and encourage them to do the same, as well as complain to my senators/representatives to address these issues.

Together, we got this!
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