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Call me a nut, but I am quite a sentimental person. When I see all that is going on in our once great country my heart aches. Frankly, it’s been like this for many years, only recently brewing to a head for the general populace to see. I dearly love this Country with all my heart, but the decay of all things American… the corruption and thievery, right in our faces daily. “They” steal everything and convince the multitudes that it’s for the better. Really? …anyway. Not to be a buzz-kill, here, just pointing out some truth. All this to say, when a company comes out front like My Pillow, I take notice. For many reasons, which I will elaborate here, the #1 Dog Bed is the My Pillow dog bed!

The best bed pillow, for most dogs

Let me be very clear here! When I say “durable cover” I do not mean to infer it is indestructible! Please read on…

The fifth pillow originally went in Hanani’s crate. I figured for the reasonable price it was worth a try. Boy did that go south in a hurry! Although Mia loves to nest and is very tough on her bedding, Hanani takes the prize for “professional bed tester.” She shredded about a third of the pillow before I got up the next morning. It looked like it snowed in her room! So, take heed if you have a pup that loves to pillow fight, the My Pillow Dog Bed is likely *not* a good choice. Since Hanani only fights with her own, personal bedding, the others are safe. [If you are in need of the best indestructible dog bed, check out the next on my List.]

Here, you can see how well these pillows have held up after 7 months of continual use, including regular washing. In fact, the ones in this photo are due for a washing and fluff. I wanted to capture the view prior to cleaning them so you can see that this is the lowest they flatten. If you’re not in the mood to toss the inner pillow in the dryer to fluff it, just shake it around like you do your own pillow. Or, let your pooch take care of it 😉

These medium pillows are $39.99 with a promo code. And if you check out FrankSpeech.com, Right Side Broadcasting Network, Stew Peters with Red Voice Media, and others, you are sure to find a promo code. Even amidst the shortages we’re seeing everywhere, Mike Lindell just sent a note out on Telegram with photos to show that they are all stocked up on supplies and materials. They are well prepared for the holiday rush.

Why I rate these #1?

First, I need to say that although I always saw the silly commercials about My Pillow, I did not really pay that much attention. I already had bed pillows that were made of shredded memory foam, so I did not see the need to look further. What did get my attention is when stores started “cancelling” My Pillow products because of Mike Lindell’s very public claims of election fraud of 2020. That is something that really got my attention not only to his products, but the claims. Then Chewy.com, formerly one of my favorites, cancelled My Pillow products. My reaction?


First off, at that point I had no idea what My Pillow offered for dogs. So, that got me straight to Lindell’s website. Second, for Chewy, or any company, to weaponize their business for political purposes is simply disgusting and enraging. Very UN-American. I cancelled my Chewy account that very day. Yes, that left me with two sad pups, but we just go shopping locally more often 😉 You can read the rest of my beef with that on my other blog, post titled Chewy On This.

That entire fiasco inspired me to get as many My Pillow pillows, both for two-leggers and four, towels and all that I could manage. It also inspired me to follow more closely what Lindell, and others, were doing to expose the fraud of our elections in 2020. I knew what I witnessed in my own county, so I was particularly interested in what Mike had to say. Finally, this moved me with great passion to begin to really look closer at companies that I purchase from for all products we use regularly. That led me to redesign APupStop to share my findings with others, like yourself, who aspire to become more USA focused, America 1st consumers. Well, at least with pup stuff for starters.

In addition to all that, I found that My Pillow products are 100% sourced and made in the USA and the company is run by Patriots who fear God and love this country. The company provides well for their employees and offers support to recovering addicts. Having been there himself, Mike Lindell does not just offer them jobs. Rather, his company revolves around helping people better their lives. And his story of becoming an entrepreneur is amazing and encouraging.

How can that not top the scale at #1?

I hope you take some time to check out all the great, made in the USA products at the My Pillow web store. Either way, let us become more mindful of what our dollars support. Find shops, locally and online, that put America 1st (obviously, unless you intend to shop for something that is only found in other countries). Find companies that take better care of their employees–including upholding their Constitutional Rights–more than their bottom line, and take pride in the quality of their products.

Essentially, “voting” with our dollars will help get the great USA back to what she originally was created for: Integrity, opportunity, for The People, by The People.

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