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All natural Omega=3 dog food toppers and flavor enhancers. Made in the USA with human grade edible oils and human grade flavorings that dogs love. Supports healthy skin and coat with Omega 3. Great for the picky eater! 100% Vegan recipe, no animal derived ingredients used. No water added. No artificial preservatives, no colorants, no thickeners and no synthetic ingredients of any kind. Only 13.3 calories per serving! Adds 200 mg of Omega 3 daily with 2 servings a day. Easy to use. Offers precise control of the application of the dog food topper to the dog food. Only human grade food ingredients are used in this product. Will not turn dry dog food mushy. No Refrigeration required after opening. One year shelf life after opening. * Canola oil, Flax seed oil, Chia seed oil, Olive oil, Soybean oil and Natural flavorings

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