Dog Macarons – Box of 6 (Available in 12 Flavors)


Bonne et Filou

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2 Reward your classy canine with a fancy treat by feeding her these Bonne et Filou Handmade Human-Grade Macaron Dog Treats. These wag-worthy rewards are made in the USA with all-natural ingredients. They have a hard exterior and are filled with an irresistible yogurt filling, for a texture combination that your canine is sure to love! And you ll be happy to know that they are 100% free from corn, wheat, preservatives and anything artificial, including colors. These yummy macarons are human grade and endorsed by veterinarians, too. Serve your pup a treat and say bon appetit! * Base Recipe: Oat Flour, Honey, Coconut Oil. All-Natural Raspberry Yogurt Filling

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