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Snuffle (verb) … to breath in quickly while smelling something, often rewarding.

Give your dog an interactive way to eat their treats while providing mental stimulation. Sprinkle your desired amount of treats/dinner and shake into the hundreds of hidden places to activate your dog’s natural curiosity. Dogs enjoy sniffing their way to locate every single piece, avoiding “woof-ing down” dinner.

Sprinkle catnip for the Kittys

Washable (wash and dry on cool settings)

SIZE [diameter] CLOSED: 11″ OPEN: 23″

Rainbow: includes 6-7 colors of the rainbow
Creative: Seasonal and fun designs
Rainbow Chunk: include 3-4 consecutive colors of the rainbow
Looking For CUSTOM COLORS? Contact Us in Faire DM.


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Weight 1 lbs

Seasonal & Creative



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