Support SIK9U

We all enjoy helping others to succeed. (Well, at least I hope we do!) Whether it is supporting your local businesses or ministries, or online speakers you favor, or even your favorite Youtube entertainer, giving back is rewarding in itself. There are many ways to support the work of others and APupStop has been researching some of the top means to facilitate mutually-beneficial relationships.

Seriously, you can save and earn money with your support for SIK9U.

Please take a browse below and find any that fit your budget and lifestyle. I promise, you will not be disappointed!


Of course, we have the common means of one-time and monthly/recurring support.

You can find our PayPal donation button at the right sidebar of every page, or by going to the page Color Outside the Lines.

Amazon Shopping

Periodically you will find links to suggested products that will take you to Even if you do not purchase what is recommended, *anything* you purchase from Amazon after clicking on a link in my blog will generate a percentage donated to A Pup Stop. So, whenever you are going to shop Amazon, stop here first and find a link!

Go ahead… I know you want to try it…

>>> Get some toys!<<<

Thanx 🙂 

Last, but certainly not least…

Another way to support APupstop SIK9U is to shop our merchandise. We will be updating all that very soon, but for now please check us at

Screenshot (67)

The artwork you see is our own, custom work. If you have requests, send me a note and let’s see what we can do together!

Here’s a one-of-a-kind piece I did for a friend on an odd-shaped chunk of wood she had:

Julie_Camo no shine 12.17.2018

So dream it up and send your ideas!

Thanx so much for your time and support. We could not serve in this capacity without it 🙂

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