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Spring is around the corner! Can you smell it? 🙂 The birds are flirting with warmer breezes. The trees are threatening to bud. The muddy mess of our back yards will soon harden with the sun’s daily glare. And what else might we expect? Puppies! Yes! Very soon Hanani will be bred to quite a handsome gentleman, Loki!

The Plan

Come late March to early April Hanani should be ready to conceive. For about a year now, I have carefully sought a suitable male for stud. With lots of tedious work and much prayer, we found Loki just a couple hours away.

Loki, who loves Shed Hunting, is a family dog with parentage from the Netherlands and DDR/Czechoslovakia, with KNVP and Schutzhund champions in his lineage. His grandfather is a police dog in Columbus, Ohio and some of his uncles serve our country in Afghanistan presently. Loki is both highly driven and even tempered, standing 27″ tall, 10″ wide at the shoulders, around 80 lbs, at 2 years old with gorgeous, flashy golden brindle markings.

Loki 2 yr old stud 3.2020
Loki 2 yr old stud 3.2020

And anyone who has followed our blog here knows that Hanani can be temperamental when someone gets too close to me 😉 She is incredibly high drive, super-focused and will do pretty much anything that is asked of her. Her work is primarily cadaver search work. She is presently 24 1/2″ tall, 11″ wide at the shoulders, weighing in at 78 lbs, with beautiful “steel blue” brindle markings.

Hanani snowfall 2020
Hanani 3 yr old fe 2.2020

Hanani, originally from Jacksonville, FL, has a long lineage of KNVP and Police dogs in her heritage from both sides of the pond.

You can check that out here:

H_plgrd_sita 4.2019 (2)

Better view of the “blue”

Check Back!

We are so excited to become a part of honoring and preserving the greatness that is the Dutch Shepherd. To have two fine specimens come together is beyond exciting!

Our primary purposes here are to enrich the breed. Alongside this, we hope to provide quality pups for police work without the exuberant cost to our police agencies. Although I’ll go into more detail with this in my next article, dogs have become a vital resource in many ways for police work. For it to cost our agencies tens of thousands of dollars, in my opinion, is ridiculous. Our top pick of this first litter will be donated to my hometown (Stow, OH) police department, simply for the gratitude I have for them.

This union was hand-picked to provide all-round great pups. Though primarily for working dogs, Dutchies are great all-round companions for experienced folks! We will be taking deposits at the end of March.

Check back here often for updates!

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