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Help Me Train My Dog–Q & A

Now you have “the greatest dog in the world”,

or the “best pup” that just sparked and consumed your heart. You brought her home and after a few days you begin to feel the weight. She is tearing up everything she can get a hold of, and she is getting into things to tear them up! He barks incessantly at neighbors who are simply walking down the street in front of your home, almost going through the window to get at them. You knew you were getting an incredibly active pup, and that is what you wanted, but did not realize that meant his constant movement 24/7 in your home would drive you nuts! Or maybe it’s you sweet, new little girl that jumps on everyone, each time she sees them. Or maybe the opposite? You bought a sweet girl because she is laid back, but find that she is anxious and terrified of everything so she does nothing. Or do you buy toy after toy, until your house is a mine field of dog toys, yet he still steals your shoes? You scour the web for resources, crying out, “Help me train my dog!” and only come up with videos that give a minute or two glimpses and a link to their “experts” for paid advice.

If that is where you are, in full or in part, then you have come to the right place!

We are here to help!

Your Call

Anywhere on Pup Stop you can ask questions at the bottom of each post. Comments and questions are not limited, so pour it out! This page in particular is an area where I am limiting my words (believe it or not) in order to hear your stories, consider your issues with your pups. You can post your question below or send me an email to: It’s your call and your time to dig into whatever it is you need assistance with! You can be assured that you will never be charged and I will always stick beside you here until we have your issue resolved.

Video, Photos, Whatever it takes!dog research

If it helps, submit a short video or photos of the problem or behavior you are trying to describe. Sometimes there are no words to accurately convey an issue and, for some, using a visual is the only way to do so. You are not alone! We are in this together, so whatever it takes, send it over. And, whatever it takes, I shall respond. So send me your video snippets or photos with at least a brief description of what you need to address!

Response time will be between one to two days. I will respond with either photos or short video of my own, or simply describe what can be done in a new post. Or both! Either way, I will not leave you hanging 😉

[Please do note, however, any photos, videos and written material become property of, simply to avoid confusion. Be assured that these will be used only on this site and only for the purposes described herein.]

Ready? Go!

Is your dog bouncing off the walls? Is he tearing up whatever he can find, and finds everything he shouldn’t? When you try to take a nice stroll through the neighborhood, does she pull you everywhere? What issue do you need help with? Send ’em on over!

dog jumps on wall

Here at Pup Stop

we aim to inform with FREE tips, trick and common sense when it comes to training dogs in whatever the needs. There are so many “new” theories and gadgets out there that can make one wonder if dogs are actually alien life forms, or exclusively understood by high-paid experts. I am just a common sort that has raised and trained all sorts of dogs since I was 13 years young. Most of what I have implemented stems from trial and error on my own, filtering out the obviously ridiculous and taking knocks on things I should have done. I hold no claim to perfection or “expert” status. At the same time, there are lots of things I have accomplished simply by using common sense and being consistent. That is the stuff I’d love to share with you all 🙂

You may even catch in some videos how my dogs do not respond perfectly each time, or even where I mess up! And that’s okay! We are just neighbors helping neighbors!

So whenever you’re ready, holler at me with questions below, an email or four, video or photos to show me what you need help with.

high 5 pup

I want to Help you Train your Dog 🙂

We are in this together!