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Short Cleaning Break

Before we get too much further with choosing the best dog breed for your family and our sit-down with Hanani, I just have to share some cleaning tips. We all have those accidents–or, I mean our pups do! And those accidents, whether they knock over something spillable, or don’t make it outside for their potty break, there always come questions of what to do about stains. Or maybe your pack is so large your laundry overflows? And what is safe for our beloved fur balls?

Here I will share a couple help tips and stuff I use that have proven to me, over a few decades, to work wonderfully and safely–not to mention cost-effective!

Shaklee Clean

Healthy Home, Healthy Companions

Most people I know use bleach. They use bleach for cleaning as a “disinfectant”. They use bleach to get stains out, of clothing, bedding, almost everything. This surprises me at some level, for the wealth of knowledge regarding the adverse effects of bleach has been out for some time now. The biggest issue that I believe should be of concern to everyone who has kids or dogs is the fact that the fumes remain in the air for around 72 hours. Even if you cannot smell it, for three days it is there…burning all the cilia (tiny protective hairs) out of the sinuses and respiratory tracts. That means everything in the air is breathed straight in. Any wonder why so many children–and pups–get respiratory issues?
And that’s only one reason to toss out bleach altogether!

So what is that doing to your puppy? Every time he breathes while snuggled up in his freshly washed bedding, fumes are burning the tiny hairs throughout his little snout. I suggest using Shaklee products for the home. Since I was pregnant with my youngest child I have used their products–for their safety and for the well-being of my animals also. And I used cloth diapers with my kids. They always came out sparkling white! In fact, their fabric whitener makes a great paste that can be used on almost every surface, fabric and whatnot. You can leave a message below and ask me how to do that. I’d be happy to share!
Shaklee products for the home last much longer, work lots stronger and never, never are unsafe for any environment.

Personally, I figure the proper way to train dogs includes raising them with the utmost care. The best tip I can offer here is to throw away the bleach (and other harsh chemicals) and buy Shaklee. You will save money, time, lots of clothes and bedding, not to mention make the environment the safest possible for your precious pooch!

Thanx for visiting today 🙂 Feel free to comment, ask questions below. I look forward to helping you!

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