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Update: 2 Months/Changes

So it’s been about 2 months since we last connected. It’s been a tedious couple of months and I will address all that in up-coming posts. For now, here is a quick update: Hanani did not attend the CGC class and thus, did not get certified as planned. We’ll detail more of that later also. I, however, have completed all but one class from the list I need to accomplish. Aside from that, it has been as if there is a fog all around, quelling what motivation I had. I’m certain that I am not the only one on earth that has had these days… Or, as in my case, months. So I am going to change things up a bit here at A Pup Stop.

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”

Proverbs 19:21


Originally, I created A Pup Stop to showcase the training of a cadaver dog by someone that has never embarked in such an endeavor. Initially, I thought it would interest others to follow along as Hanani, Mia and I learn the ropes–whether one who may desire to dive into Search and Rescue, competitive nose work, or other sort of advanced training, or simply enjoys anything to do with dogs.

What I do know of dog training I figured I could share. I hoped to interact with others to assist in training your dogs, curb unwanted behaviors, or teach some tricks along the way. There is so much mixed, and often misleading, information out there about breeds and training, I truly thought to be a help in sorting it all out.

As a side, I planned to offer products on various pages, even personalized products and a little storefront, in hopes that folks would shop through my site for at least some of their needs. In that way the site could earn a few bucks to support the training, equipment, certification costs and all that goes into training a cadaver dog. Never would I bombard with ads. That’s rude. But I just hoped at least a few things would catch your eyes.

cropped-hanani-search-post.jpgLet me give you an example. A snippet of what goes into HRD training. Remember the “list” I mentioned in the opening paragraph here? Here is that list (copied from National Search Dog Alliance/NSDA, Land Human Remains Detection Test Prerequisites):

  • *Haz-Mat Awareness class–certificate
  • *Blood Borne Pathogens class–certificate
  • *Crime Scene Preservation class–certificate
  • *ICS 200 (Incident Command Systems)–certificate
  • *Basic First Aid or higher–certificate
  • *CPR Certification
  • NSDA Land HRD online test–certificate
  • Letter of recommendation
  • *Temperament Evaluation (dog’s)/CGC–certificate
  • *Training Logs for past 6 months
  • K9 is at least one year of age–copy of proof from vet, w/vaccinations current
  • *Testing fee $75

And, let us not forget the SARTech II I barely passed! Different orgs have different additional requirements, but these basics (*) are a constant across the board. Notice also there are only two requirements specifically for the dog!

I am not complaining here. I just hope to provide a fuller picture of what actually goes into training an HRD dog unto certification. The classes and activities have been enlightening and fun. I love to study and learn. So this part has been a joy for me, as well as to gain a huge appreciation for folks whose life is SAR (Search & Rescue). At this point, I have all but the Haz-Mat Awareness certification and the online NSDA test–should I choose to go with that organization. As much as I have enjoyed this, it has also been a drain and distraction.

All this, only because of some cold cases that need a deeper look.


So, the original plan was to provide highlights, encouragement and assistance to others, while gaining an income from this site that would go to support Hanani’s and my training and certifications. Sounds simple, eh?


Never did I intend to become a SAR team member. That was not our purpose here. Truly, I have the utmost respect for the volunteers who pretty much exist for SAR–and their dogs, of course. But a SAR team member was not what I set out to accomplish. The fact is, though, that the only route to train and get certified for HRD (human remains detection, aka cadaver work) is through the various SAR organizations. And it all has been as much a distraction from our goals as it has been enlightening.

Our purpose for getting Hanani and training unto certified HRD dog is to assist in solving cases. A forensic K9 unit, if you will. To locate and verify alleged burial sites of victims, identify ritual areas where human blood was let, and so forth. Certainly, I would make ourselves available for local law enforcement, whether to seek missing presumed dead or checking out a crime scene for human fluids, also. A few in my local PD already have the heads up on what I am doing here 😉

Going a bit deeper, I need to confess that it is by the love of Christ that I do this work. Pause for a moment and take a read here: Motivated by God.

That’s what I did for these past two months.

I paused. I had to stop and reflect, wait and listen for God to refresh for me why in creation I am doing this.

Too often we get so caught up in the “requirements” of life and demands, that we lose site of our actual purpose. That was never me, except, I confess, in this past year.

Hanani kisses

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is in Hanani’s name. “God is gracious to me.” Certainly, we can agree that God is gracious. But I love the meaning of her name because it reminds me that He is specific. He is gracious to me. To me.

So, sure. We have had difficulties. We have setbacks. That still does not change the fact that God is gracious. He is gracious to me.

Over the next few weeks we will provide a deeper look at what’s been going on here. Hopefully someone out there will find encouragement to pursue their dreams, as we press forward in ours. The changes I mentioned earlier will become clear as you check back on up-coming posts.

Thanx for hanging out with us! Feel free to drop a line below and let us know you were here 🙂