A Pup Stop

Take the Patriot Pup Pledge

I do solemnly swear to Honor the God-given responsibility

to provide the Best Care for my companion pup, and in that, uphold the Constitution and integrity of the USA as a wise, informed consumer who seeks to support USA owned businesses that uphold the Constitutional Rights of their employees and Source and Manufacture their products within the USA, as much as possible for non-food items.

I vow to vote with my dollars for the health of my dog and purchase foods and treats that are exclusively sourced and made in the USA.

For this, and more, I do make this Pledge to put America 1st for the sake and safety of my precious pup.

Signed with all my heart and pure intent,

___________________________________________ on this ____ day of _______________ 2023.

Please print this out, sign it and hang it on your fridge or somewhere others will see it! This certificate of Pledge will become a great conversation starter with all your guests, so you can help “red pill” others about the big corporate multi-billion dollar dog food (etc) industry whose practices undermine US business and, more importantly, often poison our pups with their cheap, foreign products!

Then grab some Brag Gear at our Shop to tell the world you have an America 1st Pup!

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