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K9 Ballistics: Best, Most Durable Dog Beds

Hanani in her crate with the Tough Rectangle Dog Bed from K9 Ballistics.

Anyone that has a Dutch, or other pooch that likes to chew and dig at anything that interests them (especially when you’re not looking!), knows how difficult it is to find a suitable, durable dog bed. Well, our professional product-tester here at APupStop, Hanani, has been a huge help in this search! After several years of fumbling, we conclude that K9 Ballistics has the best, most durable dog beds.

Our priorities, of course, are that they be made in the USA and by US based companies that exemplify aspects of what it means to be American. Next, the beds must provide adequate support for various size dogs and be both durable and washable. It’s always nice to have something last longer than a few weeks! Respectable, responsible Customer Service is a huge must. Then, affordability is definitely a factor, but this is weighed against the other factors.

The Tough Rectangle Dog Bed with Cover from K9 Ballistics fits these criteria almost perfectly. I say almost, because although all their mattresses are made in the US, they did say the covers are made in China.

Let’s take a closer look at the product itself and you’ll see why we are so excited about it.

The following are photos of the mattress and cover with brief explanations. Hanani, of course, had to model the bed she loves for you all 🙂

Original mattress cover, approx. 7 months old.

The photo to the left is the original mattress cover that came with my first order in early April of this year (2021). You can see that it has worn very well. The only issue we had was with the thin plastic coating on the inside of the cover that became separated from the heavy duty fabric. Otherwise, you can see for yourself here, even after a 90# dog digging and “fluffing” her bed, as well as a few washes, the cover still looks good!

Side note here: Yes, the mattress covers are washable. Please see the care instructions on their website. The manner in which these covers are designed keeps the mattress itself from needing cleaned often. I just wipe Hanani’s mattress with a damp cloth to freshen it up a bit. Nothing has ever soaked through the cover to affect the mattress and, thanx to the durability and design of the cover, she cannot get to it to do any damage!

The Company

Since we are concerned here about rebuilding the USA 1st momentum, I need to take a moment to address a couple things with the K9 Ballistics company.

I already shared my praises for their Customer Service–and believe me, no matter what company you’re dealing with, this is always a huge priority! So, let me get on to the uniqueness of this, what I consider, great company. When you visit their website, you will find a lot of great reasons to patronize this business. Such as the facts that they aim to create quality products that are durable enough to last for our pups, so as to cut down on the amount of things consumers must purchase. You will also find that they are still owned by their founders because they believe in “hard work” (imagine that!), but one of the things that really tickled me was how they started. Their “story” started when a few college buddies got together and planned out a company. Pretty cool, eh?

Of the many things being American may mean to various walks of folks, one primary, bottom line factor we find is opportunity to chase one’s dreams. Set goals and, with some hard work, go after them to realize your vision of a better life. That right there is always a common thread that ties us all together. And these guys did it.

So there we have my main “pro” points. Sure, there are some “con” points as well. For instance, they do mention on their website (right here) one of the familiar buzz phrases “social justice”–a phrase that really turns off many. I even saw that addressed on one of their site’s pages. No, I do not endorse the common manner that phrase is generally intended. However, take a look at what their site actually says before you make any determinations. As I said, I do not like that phrase at all or the usual implications of it. Maybe they need to update their site with a different phrase? Not sure. But I am sure that no matter what, this is still the US and they can write anything they want on their site to express and explain all the good things they are doing.

Bottom line on that note is that I have not seen any indication whatsoever that this company supports or participates in any sort of political garbage, similar to what has been systematically destroying our country. On that note, they can use whatever phrase they like and I will respect their Rights to freely choose their words–just so long as they continue to respect the Rights afforded to all here in the US.

The only thing that I take issue with is the fact that K9 Ballistics’ mattress covers are made in China. Not only does that go against the Patriot Pup Pledge for America 1st products, it essentially contradicts one of the statements on their website:

Corporate Responsibility

We are making sure our products are produced under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions throughout the supply chain.

That statement essentially is contradicted by part of their supply chain anchored in a country whose multiple, repeated and often grotesque Human Rights Violations and outright abuses are no secret to the world. For me, this is a big deal. So, let us encourage the great guys that founded and run K9 Ballistics to bring all their manufacturing back home.

*Make sure to be respectful in all communications.*

In conclusion…

All in all, I must say I truly love this company and its products. Please take a bit to sniff around their site and check out all the great products, read what motivates them and the wonderful things they are doing. I am certain, so far as I have researched at this point, you and your pups’ hearts will be warmed supporting such a company, while enjoying their quality products.

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