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Suggestions & More to Come

Just wanted to pop in here and, since this is a brand new site, let you all know there is much more to come! Suggestions from readers are greatly welcomed as well! As this site grows, I hope it will evolve into a collaborative community of dog owners–new and veteran–who not only add to our discussions here, but, more importantly, gain from what is shared throughout the pages. Here’s what we at Pup Stop have planned for the near future…

Adorable Dutchie Contest!

Owners of the little-known breed, Dutch Shepherds, can submit their photos with a short caption and the winner will be decided by readers. Winner will be showcased in an exclusive post, with a little Q & A about the breed, why you chose a Dutch, etc. I hope to gain some respect for this magnificent animal by showcasing some successful partners!

Photo and Video Training!

Examples from our own lives, Hanani, Mia, Jamie and me, in the midst of training. From household dog etiquette to various levels of obedience, and even the more intense HRD training. Using proven techniques from trainers I have trusted through the years.

Product and Service Reviews!

My personal take on tools and toys, such as “e-collars”, extendable leashes, dog parks, and more. Not always pretty, but certainly honest.

Suggestion Boxes!

Always feel free to post Questions, Comments, Suggestions of your own. At the bottom of each post you will find buttons to share articles, and a place to add comments (etc). This is an important part of this new, growing community at Pup Stop!
I promise I will do my best to keep up, but remember most of my Team has no thumbs! So I am the only one available to respond 😉

Stay Tuned!

Keep checking back, as we are excited to help you in all we can!!



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